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Number of RHETI Sampler tests since January, 2003: 2,935,749

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Atlanta, Georgia
Relationships Workshop

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Wisdom of the Enneagram Workshop

Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Relationships Workshop

New Edition: The Enneagram Cards

Enneagram Charts

The Cards have been so well received, that we recently needed to print another batch. In this second printing, we updated the look of the cards and the box. The content remains the same, but the cards now have a friendly gold border around each type word, and the box is in a matching gold color. People around the world are finding new, creative uses for them all the time. We hope you enjoy them, too!

Don't Know Your Type?

Take the online RHETI Enneagram test, as recommended by Time magazine and receive access to all nine new, expanded 2,800+ word type reports (with new material on relationships, personal growth, the Levels of Development, and more). See a free expanded type description of Type Eight ("The Challenger") as a sample.

Instinctual Variants Questionnaire

The Enneagram Institute now offers the world's first and most complete online test for determining your Enneagram Instinctual Variants. Take the Instinctual Variants Questionnaire (IVQ).

RHETI Sampler on Your Site?

Would you like an informative, entertaining way to introduce your Web site visitors to the Enneagram? You can have the RHETI Sampler on your site. Simply click here for application information. Once your site is approved, we will email you the RHETI Sampler Installation package, including instructions for your webmaster.

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International Enneagram AssociationWelcome to The Enneagram InstituteSM. If you are not already familiar with the nine Enneagram personality types, we recommend you take our independently scientifically validated, online Enneagram test, recommended by Time magazine as one of the top online personality tests, or take a look at the Enneagram personality type profiles, our introduction to how the Enneagram system works , and the frequently asked questions about the Enneagram. These are all great places to start learning about yourself and how you can use the Enneagram for personal growth and in your relationships.

For more in-depth study of the Enneagram to aid in your personal development, we recommend our best-selling books and tapes, our extensive selection of workshops, our teacher network, and private consultations.

We also maintain an very active online discussion board where you can discuss Enneagram psychology and the personality traits of each of the Enneagram types.

The Enneagram InstituteSM is dedicated to the Work of human liberation and transformation. For thousands of years, spiritual teachers from many different traditions have reminded us of the richness of the human soul and its spiritual gifts. But without real self-knowledge, it is not possible to awaken to the deeper truths of the soul or to sustain whatever degree of realization we have attained.

One of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves is the Enneagram, an ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.

Gold bar Gold bar This is the home site of Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson, two of the leading teachers and developers of the Enneagram system in the world today.
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This Enneagram WebRing site owned by
The Enneagram Institute.

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"Enneagram" is easy to misspell. These misspellings are here to help mispellers find this site: anneagram, eneagram, epiogram, ennegram, ennagram, enagram, enegram, ennigram, enneagrams. The Enneagram is also known as the "Enneagon" and in Spanish as the "Eneagrama".

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