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The Enneagram Charts are a new way to use, review, and go deeper with the Enneagram. Each Chart is a concise condensation of key materials from the Riso-Hudson books and teachings. They allow you to see useful information “at a glance” for quick reference. The Enneagram Charts distill key concepts into a few important words that will make learning and teaching the system easier, no matter what your level of expertise. They are a treasure trove of information from the Riso-Hudson teachings which are known worldwide for their precision, clarity, accuracy, depth, comprehensiveness, and practical usefulness.

The Enneagram Charts are meant for both advanced students and beginners, teachers and students, private and classroom study. The first Chart starts with the four foundational elements introduced by Oscar Ichazo, and builds on them with the richness and diversity of the Riso-Hudson interpretation of the system.

They also allow for comparisons between types, clarity about distinguishing key terms, and insight into the movements and groups within the Enneagram as a whole.

Work teams, therapists, coaches, and business consultants will find the Charts to be an invaluable, quick guide for many applications. For instance, the Charts can be used for finding out at which Level an individual (or group, such as a team) is “operating”, and what the key characteristics of a higher Level would look like. The Enneagram Charts can therefore be used for typing, 360 degree evaluations, group discussions, and many other business and therapeutic applications. Individual recommendations for personal growth and points for spiritual growth are also given in the Charts.

This is the first time this range of information has been made available in such a useful and portable format. The Enneagram Charts allow you to share this wealth of material with your friends and colleagues, and will be useful as memory aides during your own presentations. The Enneagram Institute gives you permission to photocopy your download and share the information with your friends and colleagues in non-commercial settings. The Charts can be printed out in black and white or color, and laminated on different paper stock, as you wish.

Endorsements of The Enneagram Charts

"Absolutely excellent, excellent, excellent! Totally perfect for anyone learning, sharing or teaching the Enneagram. Thank you for putting this information out there in a way that makes the key aspects available for everyone in an easy to understand way. I am totally impressed!"

Evelyn K. Rice
Business Consultant
Greensboro, North Carolina

"The Enneagram Charts are terrific! What a powerful resource! THANK YOU for consolidating this incredible wealth of information into such a useful and portable format. My mind is racing with ways that I can put these to use!"

Lynda Roberts
Enneagram Teacher and Business Consultant
Decatur, Georgia

"Even just the first Chart is a very effective handout because it can be used in so many ways while conveying the elegance and integrity of the Enneagram system. Clients and workshop participants really appreciate having so much information summarized clearly on one page. Throughout a recent staff retreat, I noticed participants referencing the Chart again and again, using the visual summary to help them integrate the material. Thank you for creating such a useful tool!"

Belinda Gore,Ph.D.
The Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio

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The Individual Charts

The first Chart on the “Personality Elements” is free, courtesy of The Enneagram Institute. Each of the other Charts is downloadable for $5 each, or $30 for the entire set of nine Charts. See the contents for each Chart below.

Please note: There are no refunds for single Chart purchases if the whole Set is purchased later.

Chart 1

Personality Elements

Chart 1: Personality Elements

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—The Holy Idea, Virtue, Fixation, Passion, Basic Fear, Basic Desire, In Search of…, Healthy Sense of Self, Hidden Complaint, Key Defense Mechanisms, Main Temptation, Saving Grace, Structural Pattern, and Cognitive Error. All adapted from Understanding the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

Chart 1 is Free, compliments of The Enneagram Institute


Chart 2

Working with the Types

Chart 2: Working with the Types

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—Unconscious Childhood Message, Lost Childhood Message, Wake-Up Call, Main Method of Manipulation, Over-Compensation, Direction of Stress (Disintegration) with Reversal, Leaden Rule, Red Flag Fear, Recognition for Growth, Spiritual Jump Start, and Invitation to Abundance. All adapted from The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

$5 for Chart 2; $35 for Full Set

Order Chart 2  Order Full Set

Chart 3

Deeper Into the Types

Chart 3: Deeper Into the Types

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—paragraphs of key material on the Direction of Integration (Growth), Direction of Stress (Disintegration), Hornevian Group, Secondary Fear, and Key Motivation (Desire). All adapted from Personality Types by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

$5 for Chart 3; $35 for Full Set

Order Chart 3  Order Full Set

Chart 4

The Levels of Development

Chart 4: The Levels of Development

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—key words for both A-terms (attitudes) and B-terms (behaviors) for all nine Levels of Development: Level 1 (Liberation), Level 2 (Psychological Capacity), Level 3 (Social Value), Level 4 (Imbalance), Level 5 (Interpersonal Control), Level 6 (Over-compensation), Level 7 (Violation), Level 8 (Delusion and Compulsion), and Level 9 (Pathological Destructiveness). Based on Personality Types by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

$5 for Chart 4; $35 for full set

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Chart 5

The Wings

Chart 5: The Wings

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—an overview of the general orientation of the Wing subtype as a whole, then shortened descriptions of the healthy, average, and unhealthy characteristics of each of the 18 Wing subtypes. For example, the 1w9, The Idealist and the 1w2, The Advocate, and so forth. Based on Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

$5 for Chart 5; $35 for full set

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Chart 6

The Instinctual Variants

Chart 6: The Instinctual Variants

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes—the Riso-Hudson names and a brief description of the 27 Instinctual Variants (subtypes) in their average and unhealthy manifestations. Each type’s Self-Preservation, Sexual (Attraction), and Social Instincts are given. For example, there are descriptions for the SP One (Self-Control), the SX One (Shared Standards), and the SO One (The Crusader). Based on The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

$5 for Chart 6; $35 for full set

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Chart 7

Type Dynamics & Variations

Chart 7: Type Dynamics & Variations

For each of the nine types, this Chart includes a quick-reference mini-Chart that includes—type name, the wing names placed on the Enneagram, the names of the nine Levels (from Personality Types), the names of the three Instinctual Variants, and diagrams of the two arrows for the Directions of Integration and Stress.

$5 for Chart 7; $35 for full set

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Chart 8

The Triadic Groups

Chart 8: The Triadic Groups

This Chart includes concise descriptions of the three Centers (Instinctive, Feeling, and Thinking), as well as descriptions of the three other fundamental possible groupings of the nine types. These include three major RH contributions—the Object Relations Groups, the Hornevian Groups, and the Harmonic Groups.

$5 for Chart 8; $35 for full set

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Chart 9

Spiritual Laws & Principles

Chart 9: Spiritual Laws & Principles

This Chart includes a brief explanation of the three Spiritual Laws (The Laws of One, Three, and Seven) taught by Gurdjieff. It also includes background on the Fourth Way, adapted from Gurdjieff, as well as “12 Principles of Inner Work,” developed by Don Riso and Russ Hudson based on the teachings of Gurdjieff and A.H. Almaas.

$5 for Chart 9; $35 for full set

Order Chart 9  Order Full Set

Remember, Enneagram Chart 1 is always free, courtesy of The Enneagram Institute. There are three convenient ways to buy the other eight Enneagram Charts:

  • One-at-a-time for $5 each (above)

  • The Whole Set of 9 Charts as a Download for $35 (a $10 discount)

  • The Whole Set of 9 Charts as a color-printed Hardcopy Set for $45

Please note: There are no refunds for single Chart purchases if the whole Set is purchased later.

General Policy for The Enneagram Charts

The Enneagram Institute allows photocopying of your download of The Enneagram Charts for individual use, provided the attribution and copyright notices remain on each copy of this material. Please feel free to share them with your friends to help spread the Enneagram!

For business or commercial use of The Enneagram Charts (such as business consultant manuals, teacher manuals, books, and for other similar commercial uses of this material), please contact The Enneagram Institute for a license to reproduce. Adapting the content, reformatting the Charts, or using the content in new products is not permitted without obtaining a license. Contact The Enneagram Institute for information about bulk discounts for reproducing or photocopying The Enneagram Charts in whole or part.

Foreign language translations of Chart 1 (“Personality Elements”) are permitted; to translate the remaining Charts, please contact our office for a license. All translations must retain the proper attribution and copyright information on each copy. For more information, or to obtain a business or commercial license to reproduce The Enneagram Charts, contact the office.

Except for the material attributed to Oscar Ichazo on Chart 1, all of this material is the original work of Don Riso and Russ Hudson of The Enneagram Institute (World Headquarters, New York). The Enneagram Charts are copyright, 2006 by The Enneagram Institute. All Rights Reserved. Design Copyright, 2006, Joyce Stenstrom.

Personal Message from Joyce Stenstrom—
Creator and Designer

This project began as a personal memory aid for one of the Riso-Hudson books and unfolded into something much more. When I saw how helpful it was to have a “crib sheet” for one book—I decided to do the same for two more RH books. Other Charts evolved to bring together the incredible understandings that Don and Russ have developed about the Enneagram over the years.

The uses that I see for these Charts range from the practical to the profound. The Charts provide support to remember what you’ve read, a means to explain the Enneagram to others, and a quick way to see differences between types and within types—among other uses.

What strikes me now that I have the Charts before me is this: the Enneagram is not done. That is, it has not finished revealing more about ourselves to ourselves. What the Charts make clear is that Don and Russ have not only given us a tremendous foundation upon which to add our own insights—they have given us a profound orientation for working with this gift called "the Enneagram." An orientation that is respectful of its heritage, open to new developments, and one that takes enormous care to be discerning and precise for the benefit of fellow travelers. —Joyce

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