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The Nine Personality Types

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Barn Update, September 2015

Reconstruction of the Barn is proceeding quite well and quite rapidly. Working from the assumption that a picture is worth a thousand words, I wanted to take this opportunity to share some photos taken over the past few months. Peter Sindt, my contractor extraordinaire, is well-known for construction of the highest quality and is an…

Russ Presenting at Science and Non-Duality Conference!

We are pleased to announce that Russ has been invited to speak at the Annual Science and Non-Duality (SAND) Conference to be held October 22 through 25 at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California. Russ will join approximately 100 invited speakers, including Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas, founder of The Ridhwan School), Stansilav Grof…

About The Enneagram Institute

The Enneagram Institute is dedicated to the Work of human liberation and transformation. For thousands of years, spiritual teachers from many different traditions have reminded us of the richness of the human spirit and its potentials. But without real self-knowledge, it is not possible to awaken to the deeper truths of the soul or to sustain whatever degree of realization we have attained. One of the most powerful tools for understanding ourselves and others is the Enneagram, an ancient symbol of unity and diversity, change and transformation.

The Enneagram Institute was formed in 1997 by Don Riso and Russ Hudson to further their research and development of this remarkably insightful and useful approach to understanding human nature. Our main office is located in Stone Ridge, NY.

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