Enneathoughts Update

For more than ten years, we at The Enneagram Institute have been pleased to provide the Enneathought® for the Day service – a daily email subscription that delivers, for each Enneagram type, a selected passage from the Riso-Hudson materials offering brief spiritual insights to help us see through the veils and illusions of the ego.

Since its introduction, we are gratified and humbled that the Enneathought® for the Day has been enthusiastically received by hundreds of thousands of readers. Now, we are excited to introduce an enhancement to the Enneathoughts, which we believe will increase our ability to see and to transcend the limitations of our ego and to be more present to the unfolding mystery of our lives.

Starting on January 2, 2021, we are adding a new feature to the Enneathoughts which we call a “Teaching”. The Teaching will be based on a universal truth or a specific aspect of the Riso-Hudson work (for example, the Levels of Development, the Basic Fear, the Basic Desire, and so forth). Each Teaching will generally run for three to five days. The daily Enneathought for each type, which will appear beneath the teaching, will continue to change every day, but will specifically relate to the overall Teaching so that the Teaching’s impact may deepen and become more personalized.

We believe that this additional feature will encourage greater reflection, increase our on-going awareness of habitual actions, and enable further discernment to help us overcome our characteristic fears and encourage us to act on our right desires.

We would like to acknowledge and thank our friend, student, and colleague, Paula Warner, whose invaluable insights and contributions have made this project a reality.