The Enneagram of Holy Ideas Workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Russ Hudson

Saturday, April 22 | 8:30 AM- 6:00 PM (CST)
Sunday, April 23 | 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Minneapolis, MN| Minnesota International Enneagram Association

Cost: Varies, $137.50 through $285.00

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The Enneagram is a comprehensive psycho-spiritual typology that has its roots in several ancient wisdom traditions as well as in the findings of modern psychology.

Most of us originally discover the Enneagram as a typology: It draws meaningful distinctions about the nine different ways that people approach their lives and relationships. But more profoundly, the Enneagram is a map of wholeness, a way of recognizing and investigating different aspects and dimensions of our inner experience. In this workshop, we will go beyond describing the different behaviors of the nine types, and look more deeply into very foundation of our sense of self. We will use exercises, music, and discussion to deepen our Presence and to explore the interface between our ego consciousness and the realms of freedom and vastness that are our True Nature.

When we are truly living in the Now, we perceive reality as a magnificent, dynamic unity. The Holy Ideas highlight nine fundamental perspectives on this non-dual reality: They reveal how the world appears to a consciousness no longer distorted by the ego's sense of separateness. By contemplating the nine Holy Ideas and the corresponding nine Virtues, we are brought into a deeper communion with the depth of our Being and with the truth of Reality.