“Free” Enneagram Tests

Buyer Beware! “Free” Enneagram tests may not really be “free”.

As more people become interested in the Enneagram, new websites are popping up offering Enneagram tests and reports for “free,” but often there is little information available about these companies or the people behind them — sometimes no information at all. Is that a website or company that you can trust?

We understand many people are looking for a free Enneagram test, and it is tempting to click on an online test that claims to be “free”. However, the reality is only after you invest the time to answer the questions — most of those “free” tests will then prompt you to pay to receive the test results and a detailed Enneagram-type report. Is that really a free test? 

Even if you find a truly “free” Enneagram test online, lingering questions remain: 

  1. Do you know how accurate the test is?  
  2. Do you know who developed the test? 
  3. Do you know what the company will do with your data? 

At The Enneagram Institute, our Enneagram test is known as the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, or the RHETI®. The RHETI® was developed by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, two of the preeminent scholars in the Enneagram field. The RHETI® was developed based on decades of in-depth research by Riso and Hudson, who are also the authors of numerous leading books on the Enneagram. We charge $20 for the RHETI® (less with volume discounts), and you receive a personalized report that provides your score for all 9 Enneagram Types as well as detailed reports for your top 3 Enneagram Types.

With the RHETI® from The Enneagram Institute, there is no bait and switch. There is no misleading advertising. And your data is safe – we do not sell it.

We invite you to take our official Enneagram test created by leading Enneagram scholars.